Best way to learn DSA with Codechef.

Hello guys, welcome so are you a coding beginner?. Are you familiar to codechef? Even if no, Do you want to learn Data structure, Algorithms?. Well you should read this blog.
I am going to introduce you to this Coding and learning platform called Codechef.

So Codechef has this really cool Coding Series/ Competition going on called "DSA Learning Series".
According to me its best way to approach DSA learning it goes from absolute beginner to Advanced problems.

The competition is divided in 11 parts as follows.

0.Easy Problems to Get Started

  1. Complexity Analysis + Basics Warm Up
  2. Linear Data Structures
  3. Standard Template Library(STL)
  4. Divide and Conquer + Binary Search
  5. Mathematics in Competitive Programming
  6. Basic optimization techniques Basic Math/Combinatorics Problems
  7. Dynamic Programming Basics
  8. Graph Theory Basics
  9. Advanced Data Structures
  10. Dynamic Programming Advanced
  11. Graph Theory Advanced

How to use the DSA Learning Series?

  • You can use any language of your choice.

  • The best way to learn and solve the problems is by first reading the problem thoroughly. Understanding it.

  • then look what input the program ask and what output it desires.

  • Its not necessary that you know the direst solution. You can just divide the problem in parts and get to the final output.

  • Do not try to skip or Copy/Paste the solutions.

  • Also do not jump to the optimal solution, first use the brute force approach, let your solution get convert into code and then move towards the optimal approach.

  • In case you are stuck check out the hints provided for the problems or use stack-overflow or google just the part you stuck on.

  • For more detailed explanations check out the live session videos of each topic.

  • Do not directly use codechef compiler to solve the solutions use Sublime text or any code editor so you can document your learning clearly.

DSA learning series --> Contest Page | CodeChef

Here are the solutions for the CODECHEF- DSA learning series (Easy Problems to Get Started)

⚠️ Use the solutions only when needed. The program names are labelled according to Program Code.