Top 10 Podcasts for Python in 2021

Python is one of the most popular, easy, and versatile programming languages among developers. And amusingly, it has a community that teems with podcasts choices that the developer is confused about which one to choose, so here is an attempt to compile the best Podcasts for Python that are out there.

Python is a comprehensible English-like syntax that is quite friendly with beginners. It has fast pace delivery with adaptable solutions to a diverse range of industries.

The internet contains vast resources to learn Python, some of them would be the online MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), websites, YouTube channels, and the ever-growing area of podcasts. Podcasts come quite handy when you are multitasking and can learn at your own pace.

In this blog, it would be an attempt to cover the podcasts from the whole range of skill sets an emerging to a seasoned developer would require.

Podcasts for Python in 2021

Hosted by Christopher Bailey weekly that provides you with interviews, coding tips, and conversations with guests from the Python community. It has received rave reviews from all types of developers. One of the feedback involves how one of the episodes on Python packaging helped a beginner to understand and reach the desired tutorials that helped him build his first Python package.Also Could Read the Beginner’s Guide To Python

It is also appreciated for the copious notes it provides along with the recommendations to sync in your understanding of the language. It has been in the market since 2012 and has an outstanding reach of 91.2K followers on Twitter.

It is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy. It has a format of 45 minutes where industry experts are invited to speak on a wide array of topics related to Python and interlinked to it. With the success of this podcast, they have also launched a second one. Deemed to be the counterpart of the long format of the first one, this one- Python Bytes- delivers on the topical items in a fifteen-minute conversation to the listener. It is co-hosted by Brian Okken.
Another remarkable thing about this podcast is the range of courses it provides you on an individual level. The courses vary from a beginner to a seasoned developer to the requirements of an entrepreneur to building projects using APIs.
It has been in the community since 2015 and has voluminous followership of 44K.

A podcast with a followership of 8.8K, it is led by the brilliant Tobias Macey. A product of the technical Operational lead at MIT’s Open Learning Programme. It works with the mantra of one size fits all. No matter where you're coming from, what field of IT you are into, this must be one of the most helpful podcasts that bounds to be on your list.

It covers all the challenges, use cases, and the motivation that went into making the software that you are using and making this accessible from the horse’s mouth. It has a format of 30 minutes and covers dynamic topics related to Web Applications. Scientific Research, DevOps, Data Science, and much more.
One of their latest topics- Episode 323- explores The SpeechBrain Toolkit for Speech Processing. It is a definite click with the increase in the rise in automation, this episode accommodates how we need high-quality libraries to generate and process audio data.

Launched in 2019, it is hosted by Ben McNeill. The podcast has an interview style that offers a host of significant Python-based content that developers end up dabbling within their day-to-day life. These include tutorials, tips, real-life examples and help you speed with Python. The major topics covered in the podcast include Data Science, Machine Learning, frameworks like Django, and much more.
It has recorded 110 episodes and it also branches to discussing mentorship guidelines amidst the career and programming tips.

This one is my personal favorite- a podcast run by two passionate, adventurous, and outstanding people sharing their experience of teaching middle school computer science, program-solving, and life lessons of taking frustration and failure through the lens of the Python programming language.

Kelly Paredes has remarkable experience in teaching with a specialization in curriculum design and development. She teaches at the Pine Crest School in Florida while Sean Tibor has vast experience in marketing and technical management roles. Both of them have three years of experience in teaching Python to seventh and eighth-graders at the same school in Florida.

It is quite open-ended as the length of the podcasts ranges from 20 minutes to an hour and a half. They don’t follow a fixed timeline and we would recommend you to follow them on social media to keep yourself updated when the next episode will turn up.

A weekly podcast hosted by Brian Okken. This show covers a wide range of topics that might include software engineering, testing, Python programming, and many related topics. Hosted by Brian Okken, it was launched in 2015. This podcast will be a great fit for you if you are especially interested in software testing, and specifically Python programming and testing.

The duration of these episodes vary from 30 minutes to an hour and has an interview-style like format. Along with that, the topics covered in the podcast are language-neutral.

It is a podcast that helps you learn web application development in Python using the Django web framework. Its episodes discuss how you write tests for your Django apps and verify how your site can work and continue to work. Along with that, there is an episode that discusses the role of static files in your application. This podcast provides a new take on Python, give it a go!

This one meets in the middle of the week to talk and chat about Python. As it labels itself, it is designed by “Pythonistas for Pythonistas”. The podcast includes various conversations with Lemon Sanfoy, one of the owners of Python discord to other members in the community related to its various libraries and this ever-dynamic language.

It is a podcast that goes behind the scenes of discussing how the PYCharm IDE is made and what type of motivation the creative thinking process went into making it one. PyCharm is a Python IDE from JetBrains.
It covers a range of topics and talks about the interlinking it shares with Data Science, the Web, and Django just to name a few.

Hosted by Kevin Chang and Isaiah Lankham, this podcast talks to a beginner and a seasoned developer and walks in casual discussions about Python and the problem-solving aspect of it at the same time.
The names of their episodes are quirky enough for you to give it a click and enjoy them as they dabble with the further specificities of the language.

Wrapping Up

Tell us about your interesting take on these podcasts in the comment section below. Podcasts have gained new popularity in the Gen Z era where we are growing more accustomed to listen to topics and information related to what interests us.