4 unique and useful ways of visualizing data in python

Today, i'll be showing you 4 interesting and unique ways of visualizing data in python, as well as when you should use each one...

Let's start with the 3D plot:
3D plot

Use cases:
Visualizing data in 3 dimensions
Comparing data points in 3 dimensions

The 3D plot does a great job at visualizing data points in 3 dimensions, you can also rotate and tilt such a 3D graph to look at it from different points of view.

Next up, the Word cloud:
word cloud
Use cases:
Visualizing data in the form of words and sentences
Sentiment analysis

This will be useful for visualizing things like today's news headlines, tweets or twitter bios. A good example is this tutorial explaining how to create a word cloud of news headlines in python.

Now for The Sankey diagram:
Sankey diagram
Use cases:
Visualizing data flows and how different pieces of data distribute, and contribute to each other

This one is my personal favorite since this provides a simple and effective way of visualizing everyday things like: monthly expenses, finance management, resource management and more...

Last but not least, the Radar chart:
Radar chart
Use cases:
Visualizing characteristics and data based on data points in multiple dimensions

This one is a little hard to understand from the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you'll see that it's very useful for visualizing and comparing data in multiple dimensions.

That's it for this compilation...

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