Python Boot Camp Experience!!!

Friday 6th August, 2021, made the end of week the of the python boot camp at lux tech academy. For so long I have been trying to learn python on my own and most of the times it ends fatally. The constant bugs, indention errors almost made me give up learning python entirely but that's all part of the learning process. In my recent quest to master programming, a friend of mine referred me to the lux tech academy boot camp where have learnt and familiarized my self with a lot of new stuff thus being a beginner for the nth time now.

Though my experience cannot be limited to what am going to list down it doesn’t stop me from sharing a few lessons.


Week one commenced with a variety of talks from how to be abadass python developer to setting up the environment and writing clean code. I learnt the professional way of writing python code that using the pep8 standard. To make my learning easier I used Python Tutorial website for reference. Scrimba is also a nice place to start on your journey of being a python developer. I also learnt how to write and publish technical articles

Hello world!

As our mentor during the program always quotes "if you can write “hello world” you can change the world" we commenced with learning the basics of the python language which included the syntax, data types, key-words and styles of writing python code. At the end of the week I able to build a random password generator.

Happy coding

The happy phrase that sends off all programmers into the deep waters of writing code. During the second week of the boot camp i learnt

  • lists, tuples, dictionaries and sets
  • Functions
  • mutable and immutable
  • common methods in python
  • Data structures and alogorithms

Eat, code, sleep,

In week 3 we where Demystifying The Flask Application factory pattern at the end of which I was able to build a simple flask application.


I believe that by the end of the boot camp my confidence as a software developer would have been boosted. The things I have learnt in this boot camp cant be limited to what I have shared but this all I can say for now.
thanks for reading, till next time chawwww!!!