For Chinese DL Learners: Your First DL Environment

Why this article

This article is written for those DP learners located in China. Because of some well-known reasons (Firewall), access to some of the foriegn websites is not available. And, unfortunately, the libraries that are required to be installed using pip can be really hard (just nightmares!!!). Even the mirroring of '清华', '豆瓣' are not satisfactory.
In this article, I will try to state the steps of setting up training environments on Windows 10. If you would like to explore, the environment on Linux can be set up in a similar way.

Steps to set up

Install Clash for Windows

You can obtain this tool by simply searching on the Internet. It is recommended that you install from the official Github link (I am not putting the link here). To enable your access to the foreign websites, you may have to find (or buy) a route (If you find this difficult, refer to the advertisement in Clash for Windows). Paste the URL of your route in the profiles, and then click Download. Test your Prxoy list in Proxies.

Set up Clash

Install Python

In this step you have several choices to choose. Either you can install directly using Anaconda or Python.
Personally I prefer the official Python version and you are suppose to install a Python with version lower than 3.8 for compatibility. Remember to choose 'Add Python to Path' when you are installing it.

Install libraries

After the steps above are finished, you may install the needed libraries for Python. For example, pip install numpy will install numpy for your computer. And about whether to use Pytorch or Tensorflow, it is totally dependent on yourself.
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