How I got into Python programming?

My first encounter with Python happened because of a small lie.

During my application to an internship that required me to build the control system of robots using Python, I lied to my recruiter about already possessing beginner-level programming skills in python.

Thankfully, he didn't ask me anything else and accepted me for the internship program. But since that day, I have religiously practiced Python every day in my life, so that I wouldn't have to lie to anyone else!

In my beginner days, I did the whole dance to learn Python.

  1. I did a lot of free courses on the internet.
  2. I solved every problem I could find on any Python topic again and again. And then again!

Initially, I only did it to do excel at my thesis. But eventually, I fell in love with this simple language.

So much so that I started applying for Python programming jobs even before my Masters in Transportation Engineering got over and happily accepted the job offer when I got one.

Websites I followed for learning

I would like to provide the list of websites, that were of great help when I began programming.

2015 was not the year when there tons of Medium or Dev posts on learning Python. So, finding something useful was actually tricky.

I was a student and therefore, could not afford any paid courses. So I had to stick to the free websites that were available at that time.

  1. Stack Overflow
  2. Python for everybody course on Coursera

    Shout out to Charles Severance for helping me land my first job.

  3. Learn Python the Hard Way

How learning Python has helped me in my career?

Learning Python changed my life! Believe me, its an understatement!

It opened up so many doors for me in various different fields. Infact, I was the only student in my batch to have a student job as a Python developer and getting paid 18 Euros an hour. Sweet, isn't it?

Infact, I have told my full story of how I became a Python developer without any formal training in Computer Science in this video. If you are interested to hear an Indian guy with an accent, speak about his life experience, do check it out.

For those of you confused about your career decisions, I would definitely recommend that Python is a great programming language to learn. It provides a lot of job opportunities and doesn't have a huge learning curve. Check out my blog on 5 career-driven decisions to learn Python in 2021.