Mongox: Familiar Python MongoDB ODM

Mongox is a an async MongoDB ODM (Object Document Mapper)built on top of Motor and Pydantic.
Mongox has a simple syntax, is easy to pick-up for people who have experience working with Python ORMs and is fully type-annotated.

You can install the python package:

pip install mongox

And you can define your models/collections using the Pydantic syntax:

import asyncio

import mongox

client = mongox.Client("mongodb://localhost:27017")
db = client.get_database("test_db")

class Movie(mongox.Model):
    name: str
    year: int

    class Meta:
        collection = db.get_collection("movies")

You can now insert and query some collections:

movie = await Movie(name="Forrest Gump", year=1994).insert()

Since Mongox is built on top of Pydantic, it plays well with Mypy and has auto-complete in IDE.

You can then query the document with:

movie = await Movie.query( == "Forrest Gump").get()

Or to get all collections:

movies = await Movie.query().all()

Please visit the project page for documentation and full info here.