I am building something...

So, for a while I have tried to get serious about coding. I've dabbled with tutorials, books, video series, courses, you name it. Nothing's stuck. But now, I've decided to put myself out there and build my first public web app!

The problem to solve

As an expat in Denmark, I have struggled (and have seen others struggle, too) with knowing about the names of businesses, for instance, what are the names of supermarkets in Denmark? (this is an easy one, I know) What about hardware stores? Pet shops?

Enter DK 🇩🇰 for Expats

I have had this idea in my head for a long time, but never really executed. I am mostly looking to help others, and build something that can be of value. My main motivation is not to make any money out of it, but to develop my skills and build something that others can benefit from.

The site will feature a collection of businesses in Denmark, for different categories. Users will be able to go into the different categories and from there find out how businesses in that category are named in Denmark.

For example, going into the Supermarket category will show:

By going to the Mobile Network Providers category, users will see:

You get the point.

At the beginning, the site will be populated with the stuff I know and can find online. But the idea is to crowdsource it so other people can contribute to it and make it better.


I'd like to build in public. This will not only keep me accountable, but will allow me to get feedback on the design and maybe even help for fellow makers.

I will post my weekly progress here, but I will share more frequent updates on my twitter @drodol.

I will be building this with Ruby on Rails and I will try to use TailwindCSS .

Stay tuned!

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