Make a wallpaper app [react-native]


In Nov 2020, I release the first version of an android wallpaper application called ‘Adorn’ which is written in java. Today I am changing the stacks! After almost one year it's like I don’t know how to develop native android apps😂 (maybe I have to revise when I will work on it again 😅). I have re-released this app as an open-source project which is now built with react-native and have to say that it’s a really good option to build an app with react-native which doesn’t include many core functionalities of android or ios.

About the App

this app has a unique UI (Design inspiration taken from this dribble shot). On the home page, You will find three sections- Newest, Categories, Popular now. Scroll through the walls, find your choice, tap & set the wall or go through categories! Also, there is a favorites page where you find all your liked wallpapers.

For the devs👨‍💻 around

Talking more about app development things, this includes the use of firebase authentication (Google Sign in), firestore, and firebase storage. For the state management, I have used redux-toolkit (it may be possible without redux also, I just use it to try out redux-toolkit😄). To set the wallpaper I have created a native module for android devices. This app also shows the use case of list-reordering animation in react-native through the use of the react-spring library.

Admin Panel

To add wallpaper and categories there is an admin panel built with react-js. As of now it only includes adding functionality. Maybe in the future, I will work on edit and delete functionalities as well.

Source code

As a learning purpose of react-native and to improve previous app which is written in java, I worked on this app again. As a beginner or who wants to create a wallpaper app, it’s your chance to go & code!

Here are the links to the source code: